Ways to work with me

It is my goal to create an environment where you feel safe and comfortable while also appropriately challenged to grow. Often, the ability to launch into greater freedom comes as we become more rooted in our most deeply held values; coming to better understand the depths of ourselves and those around us.

All information discussed in sessions is held in strict confidence.

Individual Therapy

Effective therapy requires commitment. I recommend planing for weekly sessions for at least six months. I specialize in issues of anxiety & depression as well as sexuality, sexual difficulty and sexual orientation & gender identity. I am often sought for my thoughtfulness in working faith, spirituality & the most contemporary research into the therapy room.

LGBT Affirmative Therapy

Exploring sexual orientation & gender identity can be difficult paths to navigate alone. I aim to find each patient within their own journey, helping them to navigate their story in ways that allow for all aspects of self to find well articulated connection and space. I have particular training in helping navigate these issues when faith and spirituality are also at play.
Whether you are outkind-of out, closeted or questioning, I am ready to meet you where you are—affirming your experience and helping you to step authentically into your full self.

Couples Counseling + Sex Therapy

Dedicated couples counseling can create an environment in which conflicts turn into conversations & arguments into opportunities for growth. I have additional training in working with common and complex sexual issues that a couple may experience; including erectile dysfunction, delayed or early ejaculation, and issues of arousal or sexual pain. Sometimes couples even just want to increase the quality of an already satifactory sex life! Couples often report that counseling not only resolves many of their disagreements but also deepens their relationship.

Anxiety Therapy

Sometimes we can feel incredibly overloaded, caught in a cyclone, trying determine which way is up. If you find yourself caught in anxious thought or worry, I can help. In my work with anxiety and worry, I bring in both the best classical psychotherapy theory as well as the newest mindfulness approaches, all within a deeply relational framework. Let’s help you feel like yourself again.


For some clients, teletherapy may be a great option. I am able to offer teletherapy in the form of secure video conferencing from the comfort of your own living room. Contact me for further details.

Group Therapy

I offer a variety of therapy groups dedicated to supporting growth. I have offered groups for youth workers, pastors & college students on topics including emotional growth & resiliency, personal growth & development, sexual compulsivity and issues of sexual orientation and identity. Please contact me for current group therapy offerings.

Fees & Insurance

Please contact me for current fees.

Many PPO insurance plans will offer partial fee coverage for psychotherapy. I can provide you with either a Super Bill or a CMS1500 Form for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement at your request. Call your insurance company for more information, including reimbursement schedules.